Writer from the wilds of the English countryside.

In 2015, if you’d told me that in three years time I’d be travelling all over the world and just about able to stand up on a surfboard, I wouldn’t have believed you.  After graduating from the University of Cambridge with a degree in English Literature in 2015, I was planning on becoming a journalist.  I’d written for The Mail on Sunday, The Guardian and i-D; alongside studying for my finals and, after university, I also started writing for The Independent, Suitcase Magazine and Culture Whisper.

Then I started surfing. I spent a summer working for a surf company and lived in France and Spain for two months before returning to London. There, I worked for one of the country’s top ten PR agencies and realised that what I really loved was writing and the challenge of creating content.

To pursue this, I relocated to Cornwall to work as an Account Manager for a media agency. I witnessed the creative process  behind marketing campaigns from start to finish, I worked with and created content for a variety of clients from a range of industries, and I completed a course in SEO so that I could improve upon the agency’s offering to clients.

However, writing still wasn’t the main focus of my role and at the end of the year, I decided to go freelance.  Since then, I’ve worked with a variety of exciting clients, from travel companies, to technology start-ups, and have also started writing about travel and adventure for Matador Network.

Moving forward, I’m hoping to work with more brands to help them shape their tone of voice and carve out a unique brand identity.  I’m also particularly interested in working with brands that focus on sustainability and supporting the environment and write about my own efforts in the Plastic-free musings section of this blog.

If you have a project you think I would be interested in, I’d love to hear from you.  Please email me at:


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